Recently I had the opportunity to attend the LG UltraGear Raptors Uprising GC showdown in Toronto and test out LG’s 2023 UltraGear OLED line and my skills at NBA 2K23. The demonstration of the monitors was one of the most unique I have ever experienced. The event took place at the Bell Gaming Centre, which acts as the training facility for the Raptors Uprising GC. The showcase pitted a group of tech and gaming journalists against the pro-NBA 2K League Toronto team.

The event was hosted by TSN’s own Marissa Roberto who offered our underdog group encouragement. Unfortunately, she couldn’t provide any sort of “God Mode” to help against the onslaught of the finely tuned Uprising. Before the virtual tip-off in NBA 2K23,we met with the team and got a few pointers. We were also able to get hands-on with LG’s new lineup of gaming monitors and experience their impressive features firsthand. Let’s dive into my experience at the event with the line-up of LG UltraGear can help to level up your gaming experience.

LG had recently upgraded the training facility with the latest and greatest in their gaming monitor line-up. The team has a whopping 10 27″ UltraGear OLED monitors 5 a side, ready for action. Each was connected to PlayStation 5 consoles for scrimmages and other gaming events. These state-of-the-art monitors helped to elevate the gaming experience with their top-notch performance and sharp visuals. I was surprised by how the colours popped off the screen and how dark tones were displayed with rich, inky black levels. The 240Hz refresh rate and wide viewing angles made the play on the court look extremely smooth.

As I played NBA 2K23 on the monitor, I was amazed by the performance and rich viewing experience it offered. With a lightning-fast 0.03ms response time, the gameplay was incredibly smooth and responsive. Adding to the sharp visuals, the peak brightness of 1,000 nits pushed the picture contrast quality even further. The panels delivered a wider range of colours, making the court feel very lifelike. I was trying to get as much practice in as possible before the match began. I really enjoyed shooting around on the 27″ UltraGear OLED the textures, models and lighting looked phenomenal.

At the head of the table of 27″ screens and consoles was the LG UltraGear 45″ QHD 240Hz Curved OLED monitor. This was the “crown jewel” of the set-up displaying real-time data from each station around the central LAN set-up. I was extremely impressed with the detail it could display with multiple 1080p feeds while still maintaining smooth gameplay. The curvature of the monitor was great, eliminating glare in the busy setting. The curve was subtle but also created a greater level of immersion in the bustling space. The specs on the 45″ QHD panel are quite impressive; featuring a refresh rate of 240Hz, a response time of just 0.03ms, 3440 x 1440 resolution and a 21: 9 aspect ratio. The viewing angles were also some of the most impressive I’ve ever seen. The OLED panel could maintain colour-saturation accuracy from all sorts of different angles up to 178 degrees.

Before the big game, we had members of the Uprising share their experiences as esports athletes. They spoke about the pressures to perform and becoming savvier on social media. It was interesting to hear firsthand from some of the Uprising about their pro-gaming journey. There is a ton of hard work and dedication it takes to get to this level of the game. Along with their personal and pro journeys, they also talked about the importance of having the right equipment.

They spoke about how having the latest UltraGear monitors helped them maintain their edge against other teams when competing. Every millisecond counts, and it was great to hear the UltraGear line not only met but exceeded their expectations. As a big gamer myself, it gave me a lot of confidence to hear the UltraGear line is giving them the tools they need to win.

Roy Krishnan the head coach of Raptors Uprising GC joined our team of gaming and tech journalists to help us in the “Pros vs Joes” match-up. We knew it was a classic David (us) vs. Goliath (Raptors Uprising) match-up but Coach Roy wasn’t ready for us to throw in the towel. He was here to win, even against his own team, so he offered up some plays against the Uprising. We all knew we were in tough against a team that was extremely well-versed in the game, luckily we had Coach Roy to help us prepare for the big showdown. He gave us some tips and tricks on how to utilize our strengths against the Uprising’s skill set. He drew up a few plays and discussed strategy, hoping to offer us a fighting chance against the Uprising.

Finally, the moment of truth had arrived and we were ready for tipoff. We each were playing on a 27″ UltraGear monitor with PlayStation 5’s connected. The setup was pretty much a dream scenario for a gamer, but when it came to our play on the court reality set in quickly. The Uprising ran a few set plays against us and easily took the lead early. Even with Coach Roy lending us a hand and his playbook, we were no match for the Uprising. I had to adjust my expectations pretty quickly from hoping to pull off a miracle win to maybe scoring a basket or two against the professionals.

Even though we weren’t able to pull off the upset (or even come close for that matter!) it was a fun and unique experience. I was able to fulfill my dream of sinking a few baskets against a professional esports team, but we were trounced by the extremely skilled Uprising. I thoroughly enjoyed gaming on LG’s UltraGear setup, although our team didn’t perform great, the monitors were MVPs to be sure. The ultrafast response time combined with stunning visuals while testing our skills against a pro team, is an experience I won’t soon forget.

The LG UltraGear Raptors Uprising GC Showdown was a fantastic experience that provided a blend of competitive gaming and cutting-edge technology. The event not only allowed us to test our skills against a professional NBA 2K League team but also offered an in-depth look at LG’s UltraGear OLED line-up firsthand. Despite our underdog status and inevitable defeat, the camaraderie, insights from the Uprising team members, and the exceptional performance of LG’s gaming monitors turned the event into a great experience for all. Whether you’re a casual gamer or an aspiring pro, the new LG UltraGear OLED line-up is sure to elevate your gameplay and immerse you in the action like never before.

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