We expect to see advances in gaming tech during the month of June and Asus is leading the way with their new OLED gaming monitor. This is what gaming month is all about: great new technology that makes gaming better for everyone. Read our many game announcements on the blog and enter our many gaming contests. This contest has the Asus monitor shown in the photo at the top of this article. It’s also now available to purchase. And there are great special offers; for example, anyone who purchase this new Asus monitor in-store will get the limited edition Republic of Gamers pillow shown above. And this month there are great contests, like this one with a prize package that includes everything you see in the image above.

You’ve been gaming for a while. What’s it been, a year, two years, three years … more? The tech you use is likely not entirely up to date and that might be compromising your performance. That’s right. It’s not you, it’s the tech. You were likely keenly aware of this. You know that your gaming mouse was top-of-the-line in 2018, but now the subtle lag and slight deflections in ideal pointing that you didn’t notice before are getting you prematurely killed in battle. You can do better. You just need to upgrade.

Did you see the games that are coming out this month? Read our announcement articles and make a decision: which games(s) will you get this year? Many of these games will test your tech like never before. Will your monitor have a fast enough refresh rate? The Asus OLED monitor we are giving away in this contest has an outstanding 240Hz refresh rate! You can learn more about it from the honest review that Marcus posted here on the blog.

I don’t advocate replacing tech that works great. I’m typing this article on a 2015 Macbook Air that I use for composing stories (or in this case a contest article) or running my Garage Band effects in the music room. I wouldn’t use that laptop for gaming though! Asus has gaming laptops that can handle even the most demanding games to come out this year: my top choice would be the new Asus ROG Strix with an Intel I9 13th gen processor and RTX 4070 graphics card. Use that laptop with the new Asus OLED gaming monitor, the gaming mouse, and gaming earbuds shown above and suddenly you have a gaming setup built to win.

Likely you are ready to replace something in your gaming rig and the best way to get a feel for what is right for you and your home might be to visit a Best Buy store. The problem I have when I get to Best Buy is I am so easily distracted by the huge selection of tech that catches my eye. A couple weeks ago I was in the Cambie store, located right next to the Best Buy Canada’s head office, and it took about 20 minutes for my wife to find me. She wanted to see the Samsung “The Frame” TVs because I told her I was giving one away in a different contest on the blog. I led her there, then off I went to the computing department to see the new monitors and laptops. At that time, Asus’ new OLED monitor was not for sale yet (it only just arrived on June 9th). Now you can see it for yourself and I encourage you to visit Best Buy and you’ll be amazed. One person will win that monitor in this contest: the rest of us can go in the store and buy one … and for a limited time you’ll get that cute ROG pillow shown above as a bonus.

Entering this contest is easy and fun and you can enter in four different ways.

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one winner from all eligible entries to receive a new Asus OLED gaming monitor, Asus gaming mouse, Asus mouse pad, and Asus earbuds—plus the bonus ROG pillow—as shown in the image at the top.

This contest runs from June 11th until July 7th.

Remember you can enter in four different ways for a maximum of four entries per person. However, I encourage you to tell your friends to visit this contest for a chance to upgrade their gaming with one of best monitors of 2023, and also win other fantastic Asus gaming tech.

Win an Asus OLED gaming monitor

Good luck.