Vibroplex Original Bug Keys ORIGINAL-D

So it went un-noticed for a long time. Wilcox bug also made in Canada. Close inspection once it was received revealed no stamped serial number or makers mark. I concluded at the time that it was either a homebrew or prototype clone made sometime before Luckily, all the parts were present! After removing the gold paint, I found all of the parts and base are nickel plated after image.


E lsewhere on the LARG Internet Site, Click Here , I have provided descriptive information to assist the interested collector or owner of Vibroplex semi-automatic keys in identifying the various models and determining their authenticity. Characteristics such as style of the hardware, paint finishes and color, type of plating, serial number, etc. But sometimes we get fooled.

This is particularly true when buying “sight unseen” or strictly from photographs, and from non-collectors who may not really know what they have and do not provide adequate detailed descriptive information – usually a “sin of omission” with no real deception intended. Such was the case on a recent “bug” purchase made using eBay.


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Informationen zur Vibroplex “J-36”

The serial number is dating this bug to If you have not already done so, please take a moment and look at my feedback. Thanks for viewing my auction.

Vibroplex Original Bug keys are a genuine piece of history. First patented in ​, the The quality and pride of ownership of Vibroplex Bug keys cannot be matched. A cord is not included. Reviewer: JEN from CT. Date: July 17,

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QRZ Forums. Help Identifying my Vibroplex Bug 65, , ? I have tried to date it but from what I see, it looks like it is dated , but I find that hard to believe. Maybe it is due to the lack of my Vibroplex knowledge.

A few links to Bug web-sites, mostly Vibroplex. Just click on the title. The Vibroplex Company · Dating Your Vibroplex · Vintage Vibroplex sales, parts, pix.

The instruments are in approximate chronological order: Oldest first. He has been able to reconstruct many of the dates of manufacture of the various models of Vibroplex keys which had been lost in the Vibroplex fire. To use this summary, first find the serial number on your Vibroplex. It will be stamped into the label on later models and into the damper or other parts on early models.

Then use this table to find the approximate date of manufacture: Serial Date Serial Date Serial Date , – , – , – Portland ME , – , – , – , – , – , – Mobile, AL It used a DC voltage to activate the mechanism which made automatic dots. Martin, NewYork”. Circa Same as They have no serial numbers but the hardware indicates that they are very early models.

The K5RW Wire and Wireless Telegraph Key Collection and Historical Library

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I am NOT an expert on these old keys and I am not a collector. However, several things caught my eye about this old Bug:. It works. As soon as I received it, I plugged it into my ham radio station and made a couple of contacts with it — it was already adjusted and worked smoothly. The serial number indicates it was manufactured in There is one part that is not original — the clear plastic dit thumb paddle.

As far as I can tell, the rest of the key is original. If anyone reading this article can help my dig up more info on this key, please send me an email.

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The Straight Key has a unique mechanical action, unlike any straight key that has ever been manufactured! Both of these factors suggest that it is an early experimental pre-production model. Again, this is a carry over from the Bug, but it makes ergonomic sense. The name is stamped into the top of the lever as shown below.

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