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We look for undergraduates who are excited to work with an engaged, intelligent and diverse student population. If you love Binghamton University and Residential Life, we encourage you to work with us! Responsibilities of a Resident Assistant will vary based on the differing needs of each community. RAs are expected to demonstrate skills in flexibility, critical thinking, teamwork, ability to work under pressure, community development skills, time management skills, ability to perform administrative functions, professionalism, self-awareness and ability to take feedback. They must also have a personal and professional commitment that goes beyond specific job responsibilities while being committed to personal growth by budgeting or managing personal time for study, work and relaxation. Overview Resident Assistants possess strong leadership skills and a commitment to building quality relationships in not only their residential community, but all across the Binghamton University campus.

Dating your resident assistant

By Zoe Contros Kearl. Living in a dorm is a weird thing. Everyone is from somewhere else, there are a lot of different types of kids — whatever. Then you add the fact that kids are kids. It is what it is.

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Further, we seek to be the premier campus community in the country. Resident Assistants RAs are an integral part of furthering this mission and vision. We proudly commit to preparing our students and staff to thrive in a global community. We seek to understand and affirm all identities, engage in residential community dialogue, and promote an inclusive and supportive residential community environment. We believe an intentional residential experience is transformative.

We believe that students will learn and grow in specific ways while living on-campus. Through facilitating the Residential Experience Model, Resident Assistants will mentor residents to explore who they are, connect with others in the community, engage academically, and lead in meaningful ways. Resident Assistants serve students in our residential communities in a variety of roles we have identified as leaders, role models, critical thinkers, peer educators, and community builders.

RAs will practice leadership through authentic and relational actions, recognizing that leadership is a process and the outcome is positive change for the greater community. RAs will recognize the responsibility and accountability that comes with leading and mentoring others in the community.


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Then delete your Word document. ○. Record the exact date and time. ○. Specify exact locations. ○. Use direct quotes of residents involved.

Serving as a member of the Housing and Residence Life staff team might be an excellent opportunity for you. The RA position is a live-in position, whereupon, you are responsible for facilitating a positive community among residents, promoting a safe and comfortable living environment, and serving as a departmental and university representative and role model, all while living in a department assigned unit within a DHRL community.

This position description and agreement serves as an overview of the DHRL expectations of your RA position with additional community specific expectations provided by your supervisor. The document provides an overview of the RA position, including responsibilities, qualifications, terms of employment, compensation, and important dates for the upcoming year. This document serves as an overview of the DHRL expectations of the RA position with additional community specific expectations provided by supervisors upon hire.

Residential Curriculum: As a part of living on campus, residents will become active, engaged and productive global citizens. To help get them there, residence life staff work throughout the year to follow a learning plan- a residential curriculum- focused on three pillars: Community Engagement, Self-Awareness, and Equity and Inclusion. The Residential Curriculum will be covered during student staff trainings.

RAs implement and assist with the assessment of the residential curriculum for their community. Some strategies include:. Listed below are general community development responsibilities:. Administrative: RAs are responsible for various administrative tasks throughout the year. Listed below are the administrative responsibilities RAs will be responsible to complete.

RAs are expected to serve on duty year-round, including University holidays, closures and academic breaks i.

Resident Advisors

The RA is responsible for promoting the core values of Resident Education and Development to create an environment conducive to living and learning, to foster the personal growth of students and to build a sense of community within the residence hall system. Resident Advisors are supervised by Community Coordinators.

We look for dynamic and responsible leaders to serve as RAs for the UC community.

The Resident Assistant (RA) is a Wagner College student living in residence and Maintain visibility with your residents and your building; RAs are not permitted to date any graduate or professional staff members in Residential Education.

Welcome back to Clarke University! Together, we will cultivate new ways of delivering the Clarke experience — supporting each other and our community. We stand as One Clarke, One Community. Contact the Office of Residence Life. RAs should also possess patience, a sense of humor, strong communication skills and the ability to complete paperwork in a timely manner. Successful RAs are willing and able to live within both university and residence life policies. Theoretically, to the residents you serve, you will be a resident assistant 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This position is a lifestyle choice because being an RA means being a role model. It is important to understand that residents will always see you in the RA role, and therefore the standard placed on you is higher than that of an average student. Concretely, the RA position is listed as 15 hours per week. The RA position is very time-intensive during the first month of school and tapers in workload as the academic year progresses.

Resident Assistant

Top definition. They keep order, serve as a resource to residents, organize events, and generally work to maintain a positive living and learning community. Some residents do not like RAs because they see them only as authority figures who get them in trouble for policy violations. This weekend my RAs are organizing a movie night with the neighboring hall. Hide the beer, it’s the RAs! Aug 18 Word of the Day.

“We are a community; we are here to date one another, work with one another, edit with one Months later, ‘How well do you know your RA?

Our websites may use cookies to personalize and enhance your experience. By continuing without changing your cookie settings, you agree to this collection. For more information, please see our University Websites Privacy Notice. Senior Resident Assistant Position Description. Must remain in good standing throughout the process. The Residential Learning Model, also known as the RLM, is an intentional way of promoting learning in college and university residence life programs.

Become a Resident Assistant

It’s a lot of work, so if you’re literally only there to reap the benefits of it and you don’t have any kind of passion for it, you will be miserable when you have to give up your free time to deal with residents. But sometimes people are just in the room having a loud conversation and having fun. Your first year as an RA shouldn’t define your whole experience. But it’s completely different because the connections the residents have and the vibe that the floor has changes every single year regardless of what I do.

It’s just about how people connect and sometimes things work out better for one floor over another floor.

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Every college student has a different opinion of the resident advisors, or RAs, on campus. Some students develop close friendships with them that will last a lifetime, while other students grow a hatred towards them—probably because at least one RA has had to write them up or issue them a fine. I know it sucks dude, but come on.

Some students see their RA as an older brother or sister. Some only look to their hall advisors when they are in need of help. Of course, there are also students who will develop a crush on an RA or two as well. However, in my opinion, the luckiest guys and gals on campus are the ones who have the privilege of dating one. If you and your significant other are attached at the hip, like me and my boyfriend are, you go where they go.

On the bright side, if you live in a college town, it will be almost empty until the semester starts and traffic or crowded stores will not be an issue. It will feel like they’re expecting you to accomplish an impossible task, but with the help of each other, and a lot of glue, you always find a way to get it done.

How To Deal with Your College RA!